What Is The Need Of An In-Home Estimate When Moving To A New Apartment?

New Apartment

Hiring full-service movers may prove to be quite daunting, particularly when you know that several companies are available in the market and many of them have their eyes on your money. Before you move further, make sure that you get to a reputable service provider as they will be willing to offer the best service experience and make sure that you’ll be looking to use their services whenever you need them again and will also recommend the company to your family and friends and even your neighbors. It is important to get the in-home estimate before you hire a mover for your next apartment move in Charlotte North Carolina as this will not just allow you to avoid fraudulent companies, but will also be helpful in getting the most accurate of estimates from the reputable mover.

In worst cases, once you have found a moving company, you are insisted by them for surveying your belongings on phone. You agree on this and no matter how thoroughly you describe everything, they’ll try to rush through the things.  Till you get off that phone call, you get a wonderful feeling regarding the time you spent and now you are waiting nervously for your mover to come. The moving day arrives and the movers load all the items on a truck, and suddenly driver comes to you telling that you’ve got more items compared to what was told to the company on the phone call and taking all the stuff will result in the price increase. Now, you’re at their mercy. Your stuff is already loaded on their truck and in case you do not agree to new terms, they’ll leave the spot with all the belongings of yours till you agree on paying new price. This has certainly initiated a scam.

From the perspective of the moving company, the in-home estimates allow them to provide you the most accurate quote for the move and it makes sure that you are offered the best possible service that is worth your money. On the other hand, from the consumer’s perspective, doing the in-home estimate will mean you have the security for the job being handled by a professional who has visited your apartment and checked everything that you want to be moved. The movers involved in fraudulent activities will never be willing to visit you and check all the stuff as this way they’ll be able to do the fraud.

The in-home estimates are of prime importance as they are a source for you to make better move besides keeping you on the safer side when it comes to fraudulent activities performed by the moving companies. So, play safe and your cards wisely and don’t get trapped by the non-professional frauds.