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What Is The Need Of An In-Home Estimate When Moving To A New Apartment?

New Apartment

Hiring full-service movers may prove to be quite daunting, particularly when you know that several companies are available in the market and many of them have their eyes on your money. Before you move further, make sure that you get to a reputable service provider as they will be willing to offer the best service experience and make sure that you’ll be looking to use their services whenever you need them again and will also recommend the company to your family and friends and even your neighbors. It is important to get the in-home estimate before you hire a mover for your next apartment move in Charlotte North Carolina as this will not just allow you to avoid fraudulent companies, but will also be helpful in getting the most accurate of estimates from the reputable mover.

In worst cases, once you have found a moving company, you are insisted by them for surveying your belongings on phone. You agree on this and no matter how thoroughly you describe everything, they’ll try to rush through the things.  Till you get off that phone call, you get a wonderful feeling regarding the time you spent and now you are waiting nervously for your mover to come. The moving day arrives and the movers load all the items on a truck, and suddenly driver comes to you telling that you’ve got more items compared to what was told to the company on the phone call and taking all the stuff will result in the price increase. Now, you’re at their mercy. Your stuff is already loaded on their truck and in case you do not agree to new terms, they’ll leave the spot with all the belongings of yours till you agree on paying new price. This has certainly initiated a scam.

From the perspective of the moving company, the in-home estimates allow them to provide you the most accurate quote for the move and it makes sure that you are offered the best possible service that is worth your money. On the other hand, from the consumer’s perspective, doing the in-home estimate will mean you have the security for the job being handled by a professional who has visited your apartment and checked everything that you want to be moved. The movers involved in fraudulent activities will never be willing to visit you and check all the stuff as this way they’ll be able to do the fraud.

The in-home estimates are of prime importance as they are a source for you to make better move besides keeping you on the safer side when it comes to fraudulent activities performed by the moving companies. So, play safe and your cards wisely and don’t get trapped by the non-professional frauds.

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How You Can Get The In-Home Estimates Accurately?

Home Estimates Accurately

In-home estimates are considered really important whenever you are about to make a move to your new apartment in Charlotte North Carolina. Here are some important tips that you should take into account when you are going to choose the moving company for your move.

Once the list of moving companies under consideration has been narrowed down, you should call them and schedule your appointment.

Normally an estimate requires an hour or so to be completed. Making a move is really a major event and the time you will spend on interviewing the movers will not ho in vain at all. It is important to interview all the movers on the same day with 2 hours difference between each. This will allow you to keep every discussion fresh in the mind. You can make notes during the time that you will have between two appointments.

If it is possible for you, let your spouse also contribute in this process. Each spouse has differing opinion quite often on the things that you have to move. Put everything on your list that any of you is willing to take to the next apartment.

During walk though, you need to be clear as well as consistent. You should include garages, attics, basements and even the unseen items that should be there on the loading day. There are instances when you’re told that anything from basement isn’t going to be moved but when you take a look, you find many items that should be moved with you. It is the policy of many movers as well to formulate the list of the items that do not have to be moved, going room-by-room.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the price harvesting, instead it is the interview with the company which is trusted by you for moving the possessions of your life. Though most of the reputable movers maintain similar pricing, it is only little things which can be helpful for you to make a decision on which of them will be the right choice.

You should also discuss the dates you have anticipated for loading as well as unloading all the belongings. Normally, dates and price go together. In case if you are searching for best price, you need to show some flexibility with the dates. If you are trying to get guaranteed dates at small load, you may end up paying a bit more to have the quick turnaround.

Even if you will be packing on your own, you will be able to get the list containing size and number of cartons required from every estimator by asking them about packing and unpacking prices. The cost can be viewed as good value, so ask them to take care of it as well. But if you find it expensive, you will have an exact idea of what you will be able to save when you will pack all the stuff on your own.

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How to Select the Right apartment for You


Apartment living is popularly preferred by many because of its advantage compared to other renting options. You can choose the type of apartment to suit your lifestyle and depending on your preference. You can maximize your benefits in renting apartments in Charlotte North Carolina. Full advantage is waiting right at your doorsteps the moment you have decided to move in. But before you finally make your decision, take some cautious steps and do the basics. This will include how to properly search the best place for you. Remember that your apartment is your sanctuary where you will have to spend a year or more. Therefore, it is important to take careful attention during the hunting process.

The advancement of technology especially the introduction of the internet has offered mankind with convenience living. Nowadays, you don’t have to take much of your time on searching for apartments. Taking a click from your mouse would navigate you to various apartment directories most specifically in areas nearest you. There are many sites which offer reliable apartment reviews displaying their features and offers as well as photos of the property. Also, contact information of the owner or its representative can be viewed online for easy access. Customer reviews which are helpful in the selection process can also be accessed online. Various tools are also available to help narrow down the process and offers you’re the top possible lists that fit your needs.

If you are fond of browsing newspapers and magazines, you can also make them as your resource material for your apartment hunting. Everyday publication allows the posting of apartments available for rent with the location of the property as well as the owner’s contact details. If you are keen enough to read pages of the classified ads, you will probably get a new location where you can rest your hectic day. Yellow page is another great source of information. You can gather a number of apartment listings and narrow the hunt through calling the contact person and stripping out the options which are far from your preference.

Gathering information from relatives or close friends is another useful way for your apartment hunting. You can solicit ideas and details from these individuals through asking them questions about their experience regarding the selection process. You may gather different ideas but ideally, you will end up with a good result. Evaluate their suggestions and seriously take their recommendations. These individuals will not recommend of a thing which they think is disadvantageous for you.

Try to spend some time taking a short walk in your locality or the neighboring community. The little time you spend would allow you to gather information in the area about apartments available for renting. You can as well have the chance to personally roam around and gather actual check of the property. This step would be very helpful to determine and evaluate if the property should be included in your list of possible options.

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Things To Remember Before You Move Out Of Your Apartment

Things To Remember Before You Move

It is an exciting thing to move into new apartment, however, the associated “to dos” list is often overwhelming. You’ll not only be required to pack all your stuff and prepare to move to the new apartment in Charlotte North Carolina but all loose ends have to be tied up as well at your old place. Here we’ll be discussing some of the important tasks that are often overlooked and should be accomplished before you move out of your apartment.

First of all you need to compare the quotes you have got from different moving companies and reserve the move. When comparing prices, you should also keep check on the reviews received by each company. It’s not just necessary for you to ensure that a reputable mover is being chosen, but you also have to take care of the fact that the move is reserved well in advance for ensuring their availability. If you are moving summer then you should not delay at all to reserve the preferred service provider otherwise you will not be able to book them as the demands are on their peak.

Any unwanted items should either be sold, donated or trashed before you move out of your apartment. Prior to starting the packing process, you should thoroughly check all your apartment – every cabinet closet and drawer – and rid of anything that is not intended to be moved. It is recommended that the items should be separated into 3 categories: the things that have to be sold, the things that have to be donated, or the things that have to be trashed. In case you do not want paying to move any of the items, it should be ridden off.

Next, you should purchase all the packing supplies. Though it is easy to get the boxes, but those available at your local grocery store aren’t really made for the moving process. When you have the moving supplies from that are designed for professionals, all your belongings will be kept safe during the entire move.

Make a box for the essentials. Put all the items that will be needed by you first in your new apartment in a single box. These items can include cleaning supplies, scissors, paper products, light bulbs, etc. This box can either be kept with you while moving or it can be loaded last into the moving truck as this will allow you to unload these items immediately as you reach the new apartment.

All your financial institutions must be informed about your move. This will not only allow you to handle all the moving costs within the card limits but will also allow you to inform the credit card provider or the bank that you will be travelling and may have to use the credit card during your long distance move.